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When somebody likes your pictures or follows you, you get a notification on Instagram.
People often check those notifications and look who is the person behind it. Often you get liked or followed back.

Since our automated process is fully targeted and you can define the hashtags you need, only people that are right for you get liked and as a result you get targeted followers and likes.

We use tight security mechanisms to prevent any damage to your account. We immediately stop all activities should only the slightest error occur. By doing this we can reduce any risk to almost zero percent.

Simply change your password and your account will be removed from our systems.

No, you do not need to download anything. Everything is web-based.

We are a dedicated team of young developers that want to create something for the community!
There are countless paid auto likers out there and they often do not work and are way to expensive and we wanted to create something better. Should expenses rise in future we might need to charge a bit for this service.
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